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Picks Of The Week | 06.08.2017


Super (chill) supergroup alert.

Broken beats and samples build the crazy texture across Noga Erez’s fantastic album, proving that dance floor bangers can still keep you guessing.

Troop Brand is the first major “how did I miss this in 2016”, thankfully tunes keep dropping in 2017 so I don’t feel too out of the loop. Smart, soulful and smooth hip hop.

Picks Of The Week | 04.13.2017

Fresh and minimalistic. Sneaks – “It’s a Myth”

Smart retro-pop by newcomer Kwaye.

Snakes, pink lights and pedal steel – winning combination all brought to you by Faye Webster.

Huge, dance floor filling sound from Yaeji

Picks Of The Week | 03.28.2017

What a charmer of a song.

New Teen Daze project. 5*

Chemtrails walk the line of creating fuzzy lo-fi indie rock that is neither too lo-fi nor too fuzzy to be unpalatable for mass appeal, and their pop forward approach makes this a slam dunk.

Angus Stone moves into a funkier and entirely DOPE direction with his new project…

Picks Of The Week | 03.13.2017

This is what you get when you mix a French/DJ producer and laid back R&B and soul vibes. FKJ – “Skyline”.

alt-J keep pushing that proverbial envelope in the best possible way. Feat. Ellie Rowsell of Wolf Alice. Album RELAXER coming soon.

A very classy return. Just what the (music) world needs now. New album TURN UP THE QUIET coming soon.

Leon Else has a new sing out (“The City Don’t Care”), but once I came across the video to “Dance” there was no turning back…

I love tracks that can fit multiple moods and sir Was’s “In The Midst” walks the line of that upbeat start of your evening ambition while also being mellow enough to through on while you shut your eyes.

Ominous and spooky drums give way to Ah! Kosmos soft vocals

Picks Of The Week | 03.03.2017

LTC continuing on hit-machine pace.

You and 20 of your closest friends, atop that yacht, crushing Aperol Spritz until the sun comes up. Don’t forget the flower crowns!


Strutting along with Ikebe Shakedown! From their bio: “Ikebe Shakedown play with elements of cinematic soul, Afro-funk, deep disco, and boogaloo in all the right ways. The group has forged its unique sound together over four years, developing a mighty horn section anchored by tight, deep-pocketed grooves.”

Songs fly under the radar for many reasons but none is more frustrating than having Youtube as the only source for streaming. Bakar’s has my full attention when I’m in front of a desktop.

Her’s have a healthy amount of quirk without it coming full circle and counting as points against them.
split singlesplit single

Picks Of The Week | 02.22.2017

Cover of the week! Brilliant.

Last night in Sweden, in Sweden! Jens made beautiful music and put the tumor in his breast pocket.

Meet your new favorite pop star…

A relaxed and smooth feel blended with a splash of rapped bars? That’s a slam dunk for Winston Sweatshirt.

Picks Of The Week | 02.09.2017

Soulful, funky, elec-indie goodness right here…

Alex Metric gives this one a dancefloor-ready rub.

The very definition of indie-poptimism! Add Eno to the mix (literally).

6 minutes of hypnotic and moody minimalism.

Upbeat picky guitars always put a smile on my face.

Sufyvn’s driving trip hop with Sudanese samples takes the past and makes it new again.

Picks Of The Week | 02.02.2017

Been searching for a replacement for Mr Probz’s Waves…and this could be it…

CBC Radio 2 find, and fellow Vancouverite apparently. Filmed around the corner to boot…

Soul-infused and funky.

Everywhere I look [online], there’s Allan Rayman. I don’t mind.

This is my first 2017 discovery that made me want to turn back the clock and alter my Best Songs of 2016 list, thankfully I can count this as a 2017 release…

Dark and brooding Yi’s screeching guitars are infectious if you’re into that sort of thing

Picks Of The Week | 25.01.2017

Two mega bombs this week…The first is a shoegaze masterpiece and the other a throwback 90’s-style hip hop/r&b jam a la BVSMP’s “I Need You.”

Spoon to the rescue!‚Äč

Matthew E. White & Flo Morrissey release an all-covers album and it’s v. good.

An upbeat beachy tune about only thinking about you[rself] only thinking about you[rself] only thinking about you[rself]

What a treat it is to be exposed to fresh sounds from around the globe!

Picks Of The Week | 19.01.2017

Sohn’s new album is amazing. This is a standout track for me. This track’s got it all – heart+soul, electro and that analog synth line that feels like a warm electric blanket.

Am I crazy for catching a Devo vibe from Fufano on Liability? Something about those prickly synths and post punk sound.

Local group The Courtneys channel some road trip vibes with driving indie pop that’s still rough around the edges.



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